Often when being busy and focused to our goals, we can forget to take a moment just to breath and let ourselves to be for a bit, because running always around and being goal oriented, we can find ourselves to burn out a little. 
Here are little reminders how to stay on track, when keeping those little reminders with you!

1. Your worth does not depend on what others think, nor say about you

- Always remember that other people don't define you. Other people opinion of you doesn't make you... you. Know your worth and yourself and this is all you need! 

2. You are enough!

- It's easy to go hard on yourself, because you are your only judge. But remember, that you are always enough, even if some days you might not perform as well as before. Be kind to yourself and know, that you are and were always enough!

3. You can succeed despite a bad day

- We all have bad days and more often than we probably think. If things don't go how planned, no matter how much you try, know when to stop and just to let it go for a little. You will be better at it tomorrow! 

4. You are beautiful and valuable – and treat yourself with kindness and respect.

- Nobody else can make us feel as complete and worthy, as we can ourselves. Find the balance between procrastinating and where you actually need to stop sometimes just to let yourself breath a little. 


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