When we are younger, it's often our parents who take care of our daily routines without us noticing it. But once when we grow up and we are able to make our own corrections how we want our days to look like (or not paying any attention to it at all), it is easy to forget about some simple but easy good habits to develop, what will make our daily lives easier and better. 

1. Set yourself some daily goals. Keep them realistic and achievable. That will give direction – so you don’t fritter your time. If the goal is bigger, break it down into smaller, more reachable ones and start working on them, step by step. 

2. Read inspirational books and blogs; hang around people who are positive and who have a good influence. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best out of you and who inspire you to be the person who you wanna become. 

3. Make the effort to stay in touch. Spend time with your family and friends. It's easy to stay busy and forget about people around us, who have been there for a long time, because our human nature tend to start taking things like that for granted. For example, make a goal that every day you gonna send a little note to one person you care about or if you are able to see them in real life, compliment them. Say something good. It's nice to be nice! 

4. Invest some time in your appearance and health. We’re more confident when we look and feel our best. It is important to have a strong body where you can live in with a healthy mindset. Those two things work together, not seperately. You are one and it's important to honour both aspects. 

5. Pay attention to your priorities. Do what’s most important, and not most urgent, first. (Note: If you never learn to prioritise then everything seems urgent – and that’s what runs your life!) Sometimes those things can of course change and if you are running late on deadlines. But if you can plan in advance, try to understand the differences between those two. 

6. Smile. It makes people feel more positive towards you – and it tends to lift our mood, and enhance our feelings, too. Being happy really creates a difference. 

7. Tidy as you go. It’s easier to work, and you’ll feel a lot less stressed, if you’re working somewhere that’s devoid of clutter. Also, if you tidy as you go then it feels less overwhelming.

8. Include some margin in your life so you don’t feel so stressed, as unexpected things always eat away our time. Expect that to happen – and leave some extra time.

9. Take time for yourself as you need to relax, unwind, recover, and recharge your batteries. Take time to your mental health and honour things what brings you joy. Take time to read your books, to go to coffee shops or go to concerts. It's important not to forget what brings us joy and makes us feel alive. 


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