1. You need to experiment with lots of different things

- It can feel overwhelming to see people around you, who seem to have everything already figured out. The secret is that only very few of us have found their passion and goals within first try. It takes many attempts and interest to try different things and then figure, what comes the naturally and you enjoy doing the most.

2. Know, that it takes some time to discover your passion

- Don't be too hard on yourself when you don't know straight away. It takes many failures and different subjects to try. Get curious, do things what you think you maybe wouldn't do! 

3. Not all your interests might turn into a passion

- See where your mind wonders and follow it, once you have tried out many different things. Doesn't matter how strange it might feel or seem. If it comes naturally, just stick with it and see where it goes. Focus into one thing at the time, rather than many. 

4. You return to what you’re passionate about

- The best way to recognise is something for you, is to notice what would you do anyway, when you wouldn't have to do your responsibilities. Get creative about what you like. 

6. Invest to your passion

- Once you notice what you like, try to invest to it bit-by-bit. Such as, if you enjoy knitting, invest to better equipment if it helps you to reach your goals. It also creates a better joy of doing it, as a new gym gear can motivate you to go to the gym. 


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