We all are less-more familiar with the struggle of getting stuff done. Even the most productive ones of us struggle with it sometimes. But some of us struggle with the stage before that: asking and trying to figure out WHAT needs to be done in the first place. The to-do list is, in theory, the answer. So what is a to-do list and how it can benefit us?
Let’s put it in that way that to-do list is a time-honoured system what’s beauty stands of its simplicity. The idea stands to work out what needs to be done and in what order, to write down the tasks itself, then followed by doing them, and then, one-by-one, cross them out. And in fact, the part of crossing them out is the most pleasurable treat to our brain and often to our self-esteem.

The three main reasons why making to-do lists (and then crossing them out) is good for us, is

1. To-do lists reduce anxiety

A list lowers the possible chaos in our life.  It will help to ease those fears and anxious feelings of how to get things done- especially when you have a lot to do and don’t really know where to start. Studies have shown that as soon as we start writing things down on our planner and get it out of our heads — the stress levels will drop. We feel more in control.

2. Improve Focus

Using your list as a roadmap will help you to keep your eye on the prize. Lists give us a structure, a rough plan that we can actually stick to, to accomplish them. Having a tool to keep your focus will help you in all aspects of your life. You’ll find that soon you are getting much more done throughout the day and might even have spare time to spend on something else (or add more goals into your daily routine).

3. Increase Self Esteem

To-do lists are proof of what we have accomplished (or not accomplished) turning that day, week or month.
Crossing things down from your lists IS a treat to your brain and self-esteem, as a reward of accomplishment. An easy way to feel empowered and instantly more motivated. 

4. Helps you to organise your thoughts

Simply sitting down and writing all your ideas and thoughts down, especially when you are up to plan something, helps you to see the bigger picture. You will have a clearer idea of what needs to be done, how time assuming it is and what it takes to accomplish. 


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