We are two Icelandic friends who share a passion for goal setting, time management and positive psychology.

Over the years, we’ve been looking for the perfect planner, something which combines all these factors and includes a good structure for planning your year, month, week and day. To make a long story short, we decided, after many years of searching in vain for the perfect planner, to make it ourselves. Now after three years of publishing the best-selling planner in Iceland we want to share it with the world and hopefully help more people reach their goals.

This planner is designed with the aim of facilitating goal setting, time management and positive thinking.

Studies show that precise goal setting leads to more achievement and overall success. You are about ten times more likely to succeed only by setting goals for yourself, and by writing them down you can increase the likelihood of success by up to 40%. By setting specific goals with a precise time frame, and then breaking them down into smaller steps, you can increase your likelihood for success even further. This planner is designed in a way that facilitates that process. The planner starts with a thorough summary of goal setting and recounts the aspects you need to keep in mind when setting your goals. You are encouraged to set a few bigger goals for the year 2020 . At the beginning of each month, you are encouraged to write down monthly goals, and at the beginning of each week, you have a motivational quote and a space to write down goals/tasks for the week. Each week, there is a small section for your “10 minutes tasks”. These are simple tasks that you often find yourself postponing even though they take only a short time to finish. These could be tasks such as making an appointment with the dentist, canceling your gym membership, paying bills, booking a summerhouse for your upcoming vacation, etc.

We also put great emphasis on positive thinking in our planner.

We believe that it's very important to take a moment each day and remind yourself of all the positive things around you and be thankful for what you have. We have a special section for each week where you are encouraged to write down things that you were thankful during that week. These do not have to be big things, because often beauty is to be found in the small. Positive and thankful thinking leads to more happiness.